Blair Wells

Over the years, I have had many experiences with friends and colleagues who were working in different capacities for various charities around the world.  I was exposed to inefficiency, lack of transparency and money and resources being wasted. More often than not, I saw a significant portion of the money going to salaries, banks, overhead and extravagant fund raising events.  This was consistently disheartening to me and until recently, kept me from getting too involved.  So when Jan approached me to help his father with this cause, I was half skeptical and half challenged to see if we could do better.

Not knowing a lot about Burkina Faso, I started to research it’s history, economy, politics, and education system.  In doing so, I learned of the struggle that women in Burkina Faso face just to get the most basic education.  When I found out that for less money than most of us pay for a month’s rent, a Burkinabe young woman could receive a full year’s tuition, I was truly inspired to get involved.

We want to make Chance for Change something unique:  a pure charity.  We give full transparency to the donors, 100% of the donations go directly to the young women, and we promise our beneficiaries, that if they work hard in their studies, that they will not be denied the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

With the help, generosity and support of friends, family and colleagues, this vision has become a reality.  I couldn’t be more proud of our success so far and I am very excited for the future of our beneficiaries in Burkina Faso.


New York, New York

GlobalGiving vetted Organization 2015