Holly Buechel

holly_photoshoppedAs a video editor, I’ve seen a variety of stories and messages from corporate and non-profit brands. Working in documentary film, telling the stories of people in need has always given me the greatest satisfaction. Now with social media, we can tell stories from across the globe and find ways to help everyone in need.

After attending the first Chance for Change event, I knew this organization was truly about giving. Everyone can give back in different ways to help make the world better. But the first step in helping a community has to be in education and offering equal opportunities for both men and women. My cousin Jan asked me join Chance for Change so the organization can continue to bring educational opportunities to women in Burkina Faso. I’m thrilled to donate my time and skills to aid other women toward access to a brighter future.

New York, New York

Email: info@chanceforchangecharity.org
GlobalGiving vetted Organization 2015