Jan Eckhard

In 2008 I became a father with the birth of my daughter, Juliet.  In 2012 we celebrated the birth of my son Jan. The experience of building my own family has renewed my sense of responsibility not only to my family but also to my neighbors, community and the world in which we live. I watch too many documentaries that leave me disheartened about the state of the world we live in.  That sense of concern has inspired a deep desire to take action in any way I can.

When my father presented me with the idea of this project, it was as though that answer had fallen into my lap. This charity has enabled me to contribute to these women who are so committed and inspiring. I admit there is a selfish motivation – it feels really good to help! I recommend that anyone who does not have a project like this in their life find one. It not only changes the lives of others, but it will change your                                                                                 life as well. You’ll love it!

New York, New York

Email: info@chanceforchangecharity.org
GlobalGiving vetted Organization 2015